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……. So What?

When people get triggered by you it’s their stuff, NOT YOURS.

I feel very strongly about helping you Awaken your Awareness to something I see almost daily. And I am sure you see it too. And you may even be on ‘the other side of the fence’ and end up very triggered by this post. Hence I want to give you a loving heads up. ❤️

So, before we proceed –


Triggering equals FEEDBACK.

The sooner we can learn to understand this the sooner we call back our power and have the ability to create positive change in our life, by either shifting our ‘blocks’ and/or healing our wounds.

You the SELF are the only vessel of your life creation.
You the SELF are the only one who chooses your reality, responses, reactions, perception and experiences.
You the SELF are the only one who either continues to attract pain, struggle and hardship OR – happiness, magic, miracles and wealth.

But I get it –

Of course it’s easier to blame external influences. I have been there and done that too.

Taking responsibility takes an uppercut to the Ego, but it also means that you call back your power.

Why not respond to your triggers with compassion?
Why not take the opportunity to work through your fears, wounding and limiting beliefs that stem from scarcity?

What I see is FEAR…

Here, there and everywhere!

People getting triggered by money.
People getting triggered by fast success.
People getting triggered by people acting on their dreams.
People getting triggered by happy couples and relationships.

I see strangers publicly attacking others. (this is an easy job done on social media where one can hide behind a screen).

I choose to observe.
I choose to tune in energetically and seek understanding.
I choose to see deeper than people’s reactions and respond with love.

I see pain, hurt, fear, sadness, resentment, jealousy, loneliness, anger – only to mention a few states of being.


Are you someone who is / has been effected by other people getting triggered by your actions of creating a better life for yourself?

Have you been effected by other people hating on you, laughing at your dreams or simply trying to tear you down?

I honour you.
And I applaud you.

Because you have taken responsibility.
You have called back your power and started stirring your own ship.
You have chosen to follow your heart, soul, desires and passion.
You have chosen to take action to create a better life for yourself.
You have chosen happiness over pain & struggle.


I am so proud of you.
Keep on going.

I love you so much.

Let’s keep on leading by example, awaken awareness, empower and inspire.

We are not here to convince.
We are not here to beg.

And we are certainly not here to hate on our ‘haters’.

We are here to help.
We are here to be happy.
We are here to stay in our own lane.
We are here to choose love and to respond with love.

And the ones who CHOOSE to grab our helping hand we shall lovingly continue to lift.


But we cannot choose for others.

Keep on going.
You are doing so well.

Cheering for you.

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

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