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How do you know when you’ve achieved your dreams?


How do you know when you can stop because you “made it”?
How do you know when you can kick back in your creations and throw in the towel and say “I’m done”

Darling you are not done.
You are not finished.
You haven’t made it.
You are not done until your heart stops beating.
You are not finished with your soul work until you walk through that gate that says “the end”

I’m fascinated when people ask me:

“Aren’t you ever happy with anything?”
“Isn’t anything ever going to be good enough?”
“Won’t you ever settle?”



Why would I settle as an evolving species in an evolving world? I’m not done until my heart stops beating!! Until then I’ll keep hustling with heart and finding happiness & gratitude in this moment, because this moment is all we have!

Many people have a mindset of –
“When I achieve/receive that, then I will be happy”

I can assure you – NO YOU WON’T.

Stop living life like happiness is a destination!
Happiness is a state of mind achieved by gratitude for what you have created and received so far.


Stop counting the days and make the days count!

Today is a perfect time to do more, be more, create more and climb more!

Why would you just want to be a life passenger? Be the freaking pilot! Either way you are the pilot… So stop hiding in that passenger seat and making up stories that you can’t fly!

Your soul work is calling you for a reason. YOU have been assigned to do it.


My dear one…
There is always another level.
Let’s start climbing.


Linda x

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