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Dear woman,
It is time to honour our natural state of being. It is time to celebrate our birth right. It is time to nurture our Divine Feminine and remember who we are.

Let us stand proud in who we are.

May you please provide a safe space for us to do so.

We do not need to be fixed, we want to be acknowledged.
We do not need to be understood, we want to be heard.


Please provide us your confident presence and protection. By you showing up in your Divine Masculine gives us permission and security to be the woman for you.

To love you
To trust you
To nurture you
To support you
To be faithful to you
To open our heart to you

Masculine is NOT power, violence and control.

The masculine we seek and need provides safety, protection, vulnerability, humble confidence, honesty and PRESENCE.

But of course we as women, we must also do our part.


It is time for us to honour and embody our Divine Feminine and show up in our true essence.

For centuries, the Divine Feminine has been downplayed and removed from her place of honour by the dominant patriarchic culture. However, we are now collectively experiencing a shift in The Divine Feminine, as she starts to rebirth into the collective consciousness and begins to receive the devotion she deserves.

You may even have noticed her being present in many conversations and sharings these days? This is no accident.

The Divine Feminine represents the remarkable level of feminine expression, creativity and manifestation in this universe. And now she is collectively on a rise and to be welcomed and received.


May we do our part and strip ourselves bare from our suppressed and limiting conditioning.
May we strip ourselves bare from our identity and open up to embody our natural essence of who we are.

It’s time for us to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM & THRIVE as spirit-embodied beings in this human experience. It’s time for us to collectively remember who we are.

Today as I channel this message and reminder, I honour the Divine Feminine and make a promise to love her, nurture her and embody her, fully.

I also make a promise to live in harmony with my Divine Masculine and to never suppress either energies of my spiritual being.

Let us embody our natural essence of the Divine Feminine and be the women for our men.

Please provide us a safe space to do so.


I love you…
And always an honour to remind you.

Linda x


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