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As I currently sit on the airplane traveling from Bali to Perth I feel my tears streaming down my face. With each exhale I surrender into my seat just a little more. As I stare at the blue sky and the ocean I realise I have never felt this kind of happiness and personal freedom in my life before.

It is true…

I am the happiest version of Self I have ever been in my entire life.

In this moment I feel like time has stopped. I feel such deep connection to myself, to source and to my life here on earth. I feel unconditional love and gratitude in every fibre of my being.

A few days ago I listened to my soul (as I always do) and decided I will be relocating to Bali as a base in between my monthly nomad adventures.

The very next day I had a $4000 day in my online automation business.

What I now create in my life with ease and flow is a result of years worth of deep inner work, healing and breaking down limiting beliefs and constructs of who and what I have taught to be.

I have explored even deeper parts of myself and discovered further hidden truths, and in the process started to truly remember who I am.

I have honoured my soul and aligned with my hearts desires.
I have listened to my inner compass and taken daily aligned action.
I have let go of the expectations and opinions of others.
I have let go of fear of triggering people by openly sharing my life, message and my creations.
I have found courage to dance with all the rest of my fears.
I have accepted and honoured my shadows and learned to love all parts of me.
I have taken full responsibility of my life and jumped all in on myself, my life, my vision and my dreams.
I have learnt to trust in myself and in the unknown.
I have learnt to surrender and to let go of anything that does not serve my soul.
I have committed to daily conscious growth and ongoing evolution of my being.
I have connected to purpose and service of something much greater than myself and my own life.
I have messed up, cried, felt pain, sabotaged and thrown ‘tantrums’, but never stopped moving forward.
I have openly let the world see into the depths of my soul and my being.
I have freed myself from my struggle, suffering and ongoing inner conflict.
I have started to value and respect myself.
I have connected to my truth and given myself permission to raw and honest self-expression.

The inward journey of Self is the only journey that will truly free us from our burdens. It will free us from our struggles and free us from our suffering.

And that is my wish…

To end your struggle and suffering also.

To help you heal and to connect to deeper parts of yourself so that you can be your own guide in life.

To help you own your story, purpose, vision and dreams.

To help you overcome your sorrow and transform into the grandest version of yourself.

To help you awaken your awareness so that you can start thriving in life, business & relationships.

To help you unlock your infinite potential and live a life that excites you daily.

Can you take a moment to imagine complete freedom in all aspects of Self and life?

Perhaps no-body helped you gain this insight?
Perhaps you didn’t believe it could be possible for you?
Perhaps you thought your current identity and reality was all that you were worthy of?

Gorgeous soul…

It is my absolute honour to be of service, and to share all parts of me and my creations. To help you dream and to SEE, that what you truly desire at the core of your own being is possible for you to have and live, now.

The more you leap, trust, surrender and commit, the more you will be supported. The Universe conspires to give you everything that you want…

But first, start to remember who you are by forgetting who they told you to be, and create a life that ALIGNS WITH YOUR SOUL.

Are you willing to take the journey?

I love you.
And I support you & your journey.

Linda x
Want more insight into how you can create a life from purpose, alignment and flow?

Or perhaps you soul is giving you a nudge to reach out about online business automation?

Or maybe it is time to heal your trauma and shift your unconscious beliefs that limit you from allowing yourself to have more?

Looking forward to connecting, sharing, guiding & helping x

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