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What’s the point of the ‘do’ if we cannot also just ‘be’?
What’s the point of the hustle if we cannot also surrender to receive?
What’s the point of the hard work if we cannot also take time out to play?

I see how hard you work.
And I admire that.
I work hard too.

You know, years ago I was very imbalanced internally.
I found it very difficult to stop.
I didn’t stop until my physical body stopped me in my tracks.
I suffered from burnout after burnout.
And I kept going until there was nothing left of me.
I quite often felt like I was left with nothing after I had given everything.

So what was the point of giving and serving from an empty cup? …No point, right?

It’s like inviting people over for dinner and serving air on their plate.

A major lesson in my own life has been the embodiment of SURRENDER.

Surrendering to the now.
Surrendering to BEing and receiving.
Surrendering to going with the flow, fully.
Surrendering to trusting that everything always works out to my highest good.

What’s the opposite of surrender?


Are you also a former ‘control freak’, just like I was?

Or maybe this is making you feel a little uneasy because this is relevant to you in the now?

I want to share some of my learnings with you –

In order for me to SURRENDER, I had to let go of control.
And that was one of the most difficult things for me to master personally.
The former me wanted to control all the “hows” and all the outcomes. And of course the more I operated from this space, the further away the details and outcomes seemed to be.

Can you relate?

The last few days here on the Gold Coast I have felt quite challenged. I have been sleep deprived, exhausted and ridden a big tidal wave of my physical being purging from god knows what. (This could be a whole other topic and a whole other blog).

I was resisting these 3 days here even before I arrived, as I knew what kind of fast pace hustle it would be to get everything done before I fly to Sydney tomorrow.

And the more I pushed the worse I felt.
I got sicker and sicker.
My body kept giving me wild behaviour to say the least.

My inner voice said –
“Linda stop. Just stop”

And I kept resisting…
“But I have so much to do, I have 100 deadlines to meet before I fly to Sydney”

And then I realised my old lesson and learning were suddenly dancing right in front of me.

After my internal battles with my Ego Self I rescheduled 5x 1:1 clients and a Live Training for my program, as I could barely hold myself up yesterday.

And guess what the outcome was?

(Apart from the world still spinning and people continuing on with their own busy lives)

I received good news after good news.
More money suddenly appeared in my account.
I got approved for a global Entrepreneurs Conference in Italy.
I received the most loving feedback from clients.
I internally celebrated many other ‘life wins’ that just appeared out of no-where.

Gosh… There it was…
The same old lesson and learning that brought me everything that I have created in my life at rapid speed in the last few months.

I just seemed to forget… for a short moment.

Learning to SURRENDER is the most powerful energy and state of being that I have explored, learned to understand and embodied in this lifetime.

And of course,
Just like with anything else –
Your life will continue to remind you of your learnings.

It’s not about being perfect.
It’s about honouring being HUMAN and learning to SURRENDER to BE’ing.

Gosh this journey is beautiful.
Notice your blessings.
They are everywhere…..

Work hard but don’t forget to surrender and play. You may just get everything you want in the process, with ease and flow 😉

Much love & light to you.
Linda x

***I only have 1x opening for 1:1 coaching/mentoring in May. Reach out to discuss further***

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