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Certainty that you are going to achieve your goals and dreams no matter what…
Certainty that one day you will be living that vision that was born deep inside of your heart…
Certainty that what you know inside of you is always true…

I recently got asked –

“Linda what was the main thing that shifted for you while creating such rapid change in so many areas of your life, all at once?”

My answer is clear as a blue sky…

I embodied CERTAINTY in all parts of Self and Life. I went all in on myself. It was no longer just about trusting in Self, but becoming absolutely CERTAIN with what I already knew inside of me.

Many of us know, yet we don’t trust.
Many of us feel, yet we choose to ignore.
Many of us desire, yet we are held back by our fears and stories.

I realised I was capable of so much more.
I realised I had access to infinite possibility and potential.

And I became certain with my realisations.

Where there is certainty, fear and doubt cannot live.


And the main reason I now continue to create rapid positive change in my life is because I have found certainty within myself that I can have, do and be anything I desire. And so it is.

A perfect example of stepping into and embodying certainty occurred yesterday in Perth. I laid my eyes on these new ‘acrobatic toys’ and entertained the following thought –

“I wonder if I could do a handstand on these (never in my life done this before), especially after having 6 months off regular handstand practice…”

In that moment I chose to embody certainty and turned my thoughts into plans and actions. I was already CERTAIN I was going to do it. It had already happened in my mind, so of course it would happen in my external reality also.

What do you believe could positively change for you if you chose to embody CERTAINTY within your Self & Life?

Give it a go…
You’ll be surprised!
And of course – let me know how you 😊🙇🏼‍♀️

Always an honour to share with you…

Much love & light,
Linda xx

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