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There she was….
Staring into space with a blank look in her eyes.

An empty gaze had covered her face.
An empty feeling had hijacked her body.
An empty space had penetrated her mind.

All alone but not alone.
Completely wholesome yet so blank.

Seeking understanding.

“What just happened?”
“What was that experience about?”

She realised that the more she learnt and the more she experienced, the less she knew.

There was only 1 thing she knew for certain:


But she was committed to gaining clarity.
She was committed to finding answers.
She was committed to discovering insight.


She scanned her own dimensions.
She jumped head first through her layers and into her self.

Committed to digging and discovering.
Committed to doing the work.

She felt like she was swimming and swimming but no shore to be seen.

She was tired.
Exhausted to her core.

She just wanted to close her eyes and drift into space.
And so she closed her journal.

She felt like she was getting nowhere.
She sat in stillness.
She sat with her emotions.
She took a long deep breath.

And then she closed her eyes…
Suddenly a soft whisper seduced her internal hearing.


At first she fought back.

She was confident she had already mastered the art of surrender.

Until she realised she was far from connected and open to the depths of allowing and receiving.

In that moment she stripped herself from her ego and made a trusting decision.

She listened to her inner voice of guidance.
She let go.
She surrendered.

She let go of control and the need to seek, find and understand.
And in that exact moment everything made sense.

What life had been trying to teach her is to

In order to receive fully and lovingly,
with ease, grace and flow…

We must first SURRENDER.

Surrender to life.
Surrender to love.
Surrender to our self.
Surrender to the now.

Where in life are you either seeking answers or working toward change or positive transformation, but feeling like you are swimming up against the current?

Trying to force the process?
Trying to control the outcome?

“Seek an you shall find”
they said.

They forgot to mention… SURRENDER.

Life isn’t a black and white canvas.
Not even 50 shades of grey.

So where can you immediately recognise your forceful alchemy?
If you are hearing this message deeply in your core I am here to remind you that you are a human BEing, not a human DOing.

You deserve to RECEIVE WITH EASE.

Receiving is your birthright.

Time to let go gorgeous…

Surrender to joy.
Surrender to flow.
Surrender to growth.
Surrender to healing.
Surrender to intimacy.
Surrender to pleasure.
Surrender to abundance.
Surrender to transformation.

And of course,

Surrender to all else that you are seeking to find.

Time to be.
Just be.
Be here in the now…

Turn Your Pain Into Power & SURRENDER.
I see you.
I love you…

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

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