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Sometimes life shifts so fast that our being and conscious mind needs time to process and integrate our sudden changes.

This can be a result of a relationship break up, a loved one passing over, sudden change in employment, sudden change with living arrangements, laser fast wealth creation, lighting fast business success AND/OR when our dreams that have been dreams for so long…
– suddenly show up in this physical realm.

It has taken me over a week to really comprehend and integrate my own creations. It has also been a wonderful reminder of how powerful we truly are.

Traveling on my own terms while working location-free has been a dream of mine for MANY years. It is something I have been working toward for a long time now, however on many occasions I felt like this dream kept being further and further out of reach. I quite often felt like I couldn’t get ahead. Business and income wasn’t even close to where it needed to be in order for me to step into the lifestyle that I wanted to live.

I often felt hopeless.
I felt impatient.

Sometimes I even turned green with envy seeing others do what I wanted to do.

Other times I wanted to throw the towel in on my dreams.

“Maybe this kind of life just wasn’t meant for me?”

But I refused to sit in that space for too long.
I refused to give up on my vision.
My burning desire only started to grow stronger by the day.

If I didn’t honour my soul and my dreams, then what would have been the point to life?

So I kept visualising.
I kept taking aligned action.
I committed more and more every day.

I made it non-negotiable.
One day I was going to live my vision.


Even earlier this year I felt like I had fallen backwards financially. I had a lot of fear arise, but I also knew that the investments I made into myself and into business were exactly what I needed to make in order to launch forward – exactly where I wanted to go.

I call it the ‘arrow effect’:

An arrow must be pulled backward before it can launch forward at high speed.

I also got called out on some blind spots by one of my dear mentors. I remember bursting out in tears on the phone to him because I knew he was right. I was processing through my own fear and limiting stories that kept holding me back.

And that’s when I made a choice to GO ALL IN.

I trusted.
I surrendered.
And I found CERTAINTY.

I went all in on me.
I went all in on my life.
I went all in on my dreams.

And things started to change.
Things started to shift.

I then instantaneously created accelerated success in both of my online businesses at once. I even tripled a months income!

7 days after the initial thought and decision to step into my new Global Nomad lifestyle, I was standing in the street with nothing but my suitcase and a humble smile on my face.

I had just reminded myself of how powerful I truly am.

And today I am showing up to remind you of how POWERFUL YOU TRULY ARE 🌏

In case you are wondering if you can?
The answer is YES.

In case you are wondering if you can create lightning fast change?
The answer is YES.

If you still don’t believe in yourself enough to make a move in your life (in business, income, relationships, lifestyle), please borrow my belief. Take action NOW and build your belief on the way.

Blessings from Bali 🌴
Linda x

PS – Ready to be called out on your blind spots so that you can move forward, just like my coach called me out on mine? Let’s chat. Team work makes the dream work xx

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