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Are you an “I can do it myself” person like I used to be?
Do you find it difficult to ask for help?
Perhaps you don’t want help or you feel ‘weak’ or embarrassed asking for help?

I can relate to this on such deep levels.

“Linda, can I give you a hand?”

….NO! I’m fine thanks!

“As if I needed any help…
As if I wanted to look like I couldn’t do something myself…
As if I wanted to be seen as ‘weak’ or not good enough to cope on my own…”

And ‘FEEDBACK’ was a word I was highly allergic to.

Can you relate?

I was also beyond frustrated receiving feedback. It made me feel like I wasn’t perfect and I saw that as a big problem in my world. I took feedback to heart. I took it personally. It made me feel like I was failing. I wanted to be better! I wanted to be perfect! And nothing less was going to satisfy me…

…The dreaded PERFECTIONIST SYNDROME. (but this topic is deserving of it’s own blog later 🙇🏼‍♀️)

While I wasn’t asking for help or open to receiving feedback I also realised I wasn’t moving forward the way I had hoped. I then started to reflect on my Elite Athlete days of competing around the world as a 10m platform diver. Apart from my own commitment and dedication, my coach was the reason behind my thriving success.

And while I reflected on this a few light bulbs started to go off in my “I can do it myself” world.

I started to understand that if I wanted to improve in life, in self, in business and income – then I had to get over my ego and open up to guidance from external influence.

But this did not mean guidance from ANY external source. This meant guidance from experts in the field of what I wanted to change and improve.

It didn’t take me long until I was fully immersed into the Personal Development world. I started to attend events, enrolled in courses & programs, worked with coaches & mentors, listened to audio books and… wait for it……


I became a sponge.
I became a life & self-study machine.
I became curious and chased all the feedback I could get.

Do you think I started to shift quickly?


I started to see radical results in my life and move forward at laser fast speed.

I had also developed an ‘addiction’ to self-improvement, coaches, mentors, courses, learning, study, events – anything and everything that had the potential to help me grow.

Even to this day, while now also a Success Coach myself, I know and understand the value and importance of expert guidance.

In this human life we cannot thrive on our own. We need human connection to grow and evolve.

As much as I don’t like to refer to anything as a “need”, in this instance I will make an exception.

What is it that you are wanting to achieve or hoping to change?
In what area of your life are you feeling ‘stuck’ or experiencing the same pattern or re-occurrence?

Perhaps it is time to do something different to create a different outcome?
Perhaps it is time to seek expert guidance to help you move forward?

As much as we would like to –
We cannot see our own blind spots.



Find a coach/mentor who you resonate with.
Find someone who has what you want.
Find someone who is where you want to be.
Find someone who is an expert in the field of your desired creation.
Find someone who inspires and empowers you into action.
Find someone who doesn’t just talk, but walks the walk.
And find someone who SPEAKS TO YOUR SOUL.

Is it mindset?
More income?
More self-love?
Better relationships?
Evolved consciousness?
Better connection with self?
A more successful business?


The choice is always yours and the power is always in your hands 🙂

Love & blessings on your journey of growth…

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x


#PS – A big thank you to my Yoga teacher Carby who always guides me into deeper self-connection and improvement on my mat. Even a teacher needs a teacher to deepen their practice.

#PPS – February intake is now open for my 1:1 coaching programs & mentoring. If you feel that I am speaking to your soul, I am doing so for a reason x

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