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You blamed it on the sun?
You blamed it on the moon?
Or you simply just gave up after one try?
And here comes the same old pattern of ‘Feeling like a failure’.

I know what disappointment feels like.
I know what failure feels like.

But what I also know is that failure is just an illusion and not a permanent road block or dead end.

It’s just that quite often we DECIDE that it’s

“Game Over Range Rover!”

What it really means is –

It is prompting you to find another way because your chosen method just wasn’t the best option.

Yesterday while at breakfast I had a conversation with my friend about manifestation and goal setting.

Many people know what they want but they are not willing to take the aligned action to get there, or they simply try once or twice and then give in because “it didn’t work”.

Let’s say you sit in your car at Location #A and your intent is to drive to Location #B.

Firstly – you cannot get to Location #B without physically starting your car and driving it there.

You cannot sit in your car only using your mental manifestation powers and pray that when you open your eyes, you will already be there!

You must do the work (the driving) and get yourself there, right?
Sounds so simple…

You already know all of this?
You already know nothing happens without taking the action?
But if you really understood this concept and applied it, you wouldn’t constantly be walking around feeling like a failure.

See, here’s the difference between taking action & aligned action:

Taking your own time to get to Location #B. You drive whenever, wherever. Taking detours. Stopping for coffee, shopping and visiting friends along the way.

Driving your car straight to Location #B.

✖️ Here’s the catch ✖️
Even people who take ALIGNED ACTION can sometimes get lost. Just like you may get lost driving your car from #A to #B.

But will you throw your hands in the air and say “your route didn’t work”, and sleep by the side of the road??

You find another way to get there, right?


Because sleeping by the road is not an option for you.
Because giving up on getting to Location #B (your home) is just nonsense, right?

Working towards our goals in life is no different. Sometimes we get lost and we need to find another way to get to our location.
And that’s ok!

But don’t get fixated and attached to the HOW you are going to make it happen. Just start driving towards your goal, and stay on the course (no matter what that may look like).

The exciting part is to discover how the journey unfolds.

As I can guarantee you that it will never happen the way you thought it would.

Your internal GPS may have given you the most logic route to get to Location #B.

But along the way you discovered some giant rocks on the road?
You discovered that the actual road was broken from a natural disaster?

Maybe there was an accident along the way and traffic was being re-directed to take another route?

So stop failing yourself.
Stay on the course.

Keep taking aligned action no matter what it may end up looking like.

See you at Location #B.

I’ll be here waiting.
I’m holding your dreams in my hands.

Can’t wait to hand them to you.
See you when you get here.
Just promise me you’ll find a way,
no matter what?

Love you!
Linda x

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