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As I sat in stillness I noticed myself having a conflicting experience.

First my being was impatiently urging to create huge impact on a global scale. I saw a vision of me sharing my message on an international stage in front of thousands of people. I was wearing a dress, suit jacket and heels. I was a business woman and entrepreneur on a mission, serving from my purpose and helping humanity awaken.

Then suddenly my being switched into a very different energy. All I wanted to do was kick my shoes off, have fun and let my hair down. I wanted to do cart wheels, back flips and handstands. I wanted to be silly and play with my friends. I wanted to laugh so hard I accidentally let a ‘snort’ sound out of my nose!

Then my energy changed again… All I wanted to do was plant my bare feet in the sand, sit in stillness and be one with earth and source. I wanted to move into a salt cave and bathe with my crystals. I wanted to meditate in my tree house. I wanted nothing else but to just BE, and be by myself…

Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking that we have to choose a certain way of life or being. We tend to forget parts of ourselves and follow one aspect of who we are.

As multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional world we must remember that life has contrast, as do we.

Wholeness is about embracing all parts of ourselves; the light and the dark, and all the fifty shades of gray.

– You don’t have to choose between being a business woman/man, and a stay at home parent with your children.

– You don’t have to choose between being a high level entrepreneur who stays in 5 star hotels and camping out in the middle of nowhere.

– You don’t have to choose between being a professional global game changer and having silly fun.

– You don’t have to choose between the corporate life and the hippie life.

– You don’t have to choose between being a wild social butterfly and attending a silent retreat.


You my darling…

Don’t have to show up here on earth in any other way than as you are as a whole.


Blessings to you and your fifty shades of gray.

I love you!

Linda x

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