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(Longer read but worth it).

It has been going on for way too long.

You have been closing off your heart space.
You have been holding back and holding on.
You have been playing it safe.

Just in case you get hurt.
Then next time it won’t hurt so much?

Because after your last “heart brake” you made a promise to yourself that you were never going to feel this pain again.

It simply hurt too much.
It pushed you deep into your shadows.
It felt like you got pushed out of a plane knowing that you had no parachute on your back.
So you swore that you would never step your foot on a plane again.

I know what it feels like…

To be so closed off that I had no space for any intimate relationships or deep human connections to enter my life.
To play it safe in case it would happen again.
To build a wall so high that no man or woman could climb.
No capacity to even love myself.

But reality was that by closing off my heart I was suffering in silence.
I felt empty inside.
I felt hollow.

It felt like something was missing.
Day in and day out… I continued to feel empty.

So I started filling my void with external factors.
And the behaviours and patterns this resulted in certainly did not serve me in any way.

It wasn’t until…

…I made a conscious decision to face my inner being (the light AND the dark),
…I decided to take responsibility and start working through my shadows,
…I decided to start loving myself unconditionally:

That I realised I had been denying myself from my birth right… from LIFE and from LOVE. To fully experience the divinity and full potential of my human experience.

So I consciously and intentionally started to open up and surrender.
I started to break my walls down, one brick after another.
I started to pour love into my being (this will always be work in progress as we journey through life).

What I discovered through my conscious journey of self was more profound than any external source could ever have taught me…

Gorgeous human,


You had a human experience.
What you FELT was emotion (energy in motion).
It is part of being human.

But at what point did you decided to label your experience as “bad” and deny yourself from all the true bounty life has to offer?

What if it was the most incredible experience that ever took place as it pushed you into your shadows that were prompting you into further alchemy of your being?

Everything in life comes to you at the right time.

Everything you experience in life is exactly what your soul needs for transformation and forward movement.


Pain is part of life.
As are all positive and blissful emotions.

However suffering is optional.

Love is your birthright.
Happiness is your birthright.
Deep human connection is your birthright.

And this LIFE is your birthright.

How long will you continue to hold yourself back from all of the blessings beyond blessings beyond blessings that are available to you when…


Isn’t it time to work through your shadows and face your fears, and give yourself permission to step on that plane again?

That divine plane is waiting for you.

It wants to fly you into the joy and bliss of life.
Because you deserve to enjoy every bit of magic this life has to offer.

Let’s step on that plane together.

You don’t know how good it really can be until you open your heart and surrender…

All I ask is for you to trust.

You are so loved and supported.
So it’s time to open your heart and start giving yourself the same love and support.

It’s through the Self that we experience life.
The journey of self brings us back to wholeness.


Magic awaits.

I love you.
Will you love you too?

Yours in Life & Soul Transformation,
Linda x

3 week online program.
A deep immersion into shifting your shadows and opening your heart space.
Commences Monday 20th November.
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