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That little voice inside of you…
It never goes away.

It is yarning to be heard.
It is yarning to be spoken.
It is yarning to be unleashed!

For so long you have been telling it to be quiet.
You have been ignored it.
You have been pretending it’s not there.
And the more you ignore it the more a piece of you dies.

I am not speaking of your internal mind chatter.
I am speaking of your TRUTH.
I am speaking of your souls MESSAGE.

It came here to be heard.
It came here to be spoken.
It came here to be unleashed!

It never goes away…

It found YOU.

It chose YOU.

But you have been holding back.
You have been playing small.
You have been keeping quiet.

Dishonouring your soul and it’s message.

All because of fear.

Fear of judgement.
Fear of what others might think.
Fear of what may happen if you spoke your truth.

Your earthly job is not to confirm.
Your job is not to play small and keep quiet.


So isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to speak your truth and be heard?

What kind of life do you want to live?
How do you want to feel on the inside?
What kind of impact do you want to create?

Your life is YOURS.

Those nay-sayers and the projections of other people… We send them love and we wish them well. Your job is to stay true to YOU, not to the ones who want to tear you down.

Are you ready for that voice to be heard?
Are you ready to be guided and held as you unleash your voice within?

In a few weeks I will be guiding, supporting and mentoring a soul-tribe of special people who are ready to be heard and step into their greatness.

#UnleashYourVoiceWithin is coming to you soon, a program to help you find your truth, speak your truth and unleash your truth.

If you want to be the first one to know about the full details, comment #VOICE below and I will send you the details straight to your inbox when we launch.

My team and I are excited to bring more magic to you!  It is time for your souls voice to be heard and to be seen!

Love you!

Always an honour to elevate you.
Linda x

Thank you for reading my messages from my soul. It is an honour to help you Awaken Awareness to yourSELF so that you can start thriving in Life, Business & Relationships.

~ In order to remember who you are you must first let go of who you ARE NOT ~

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