Linda is a highly skilled Coach, Healer, Trainer, Polarity Specialist & Feminine Embodiment Guide.


She works with people all around the world, helping singles & couples heal as well as bring more harmony back into their relationship dynamics.


Linda’s extensive knowledge in Mindset, Psychology, Human Behaviour, Energetics, Emotional Alchemy, Feminine/Masculine Dynamics – combined with her 15 year facilitation experience – her delivery & wisdom invokes Life-changing Personal Transformation & Long-lasting Success.


  • Thousands of people positively impacted within wellness, mindset, relationships & personal growth.
  • Trainer & Workshop Facilitator (retreats, events, workshops, programs, courses, seminars).
  • Professional Public Speaking Australia wide for audiences up to 600.
  • Serving large corporations such as QLD Police, ARUP, AFL QLD in delivering wellness / stress-management / mental-health / success mindset & peak-performance workshops/programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge within the Corporate Industry & the Fitness Industry.
  • Entrepreneurship – Building various ventures from 0 to 6 figures+
  • Online Business Growth Mentor + Social Media expansion & monetisation
  • Yoga Teacher – 8 years (also serving corporate sector)
  • Group Fitness Instructor – 15 years
  • Personal Trainer – 7 years
  • Former World-level Professional Athlete (10m Platform Diving)
  • Extensive knowledge within Mindset, Psychology, Human Behaviour, Peak-Performance, Energy, Emotional Alchemy, Mental-Health, Addictions, Stress-Management, Nervous System Regulation, Meditation, Self-healing + more.

Did you know...

  • 3 out of 4 people sabotage their Life, Business, Relationships & Success – Is this you?
  • 1 in 4 people suffer from depression and/or mental health disturbances – is this you?
  • Most people suffer in silence and are afraid to ask for help – is this you?
  • Most people desire change yet are unaware how to create long-lasting transformation – is this you?
  • Several people operate from underlying burnout > compromised health & energy – is this you?
  • Most people repeat disempowering & contractive self-programs/patterns that negatively affect their relationships, productivity, business growth & more – is this you?
  • Most people are unaware how to THRIVE in Life, Self, Business, Purpose, Energy, Health & Relationships – is this you?

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