May I bring awareness to the biggest ‘elephant in the room’…


If the way we relate with each other would be working – Wouldn’t more people be absolutely thriving in their relationships?


Instead, more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce, and nowadays there are more single folk and ‘relationship avoiders’ than ever before.


Now more than ever people are experiencing disconnect, conflict, loss of attraction, feeling unappreciated and not having their needs met.


Women feel like they are not being valued or heard, and feel like they have to ask ‘10 times’ yet men still don’t hear them…


Men feel like they are being constantly nagged, reminded, micro-managed or criticized.


Then in exchange our hearts begin to close, and we feel disconnected from the other person, and most often also from ourselves.


There is a reason and a solution for this.


And the reason/solution is not something that is taught at school, or even by most academically trained Relationship Counsellors or Therapists…

May I share…


Men & Women are two different species.


Hence why the “same shoe fits all” counselling/healing approach is not working…


Welcome to my world of transformational relating!


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Hi, I’m Linda!


I help singles & couples re-gain confidence in Life, Self, Relationships and Love.


I am deeply passionate about helping men & women heal, get along and thrive in communication, passion & attraction.


I hold gifts of wisdom within the space of Feminine & Masculine Dynamics, Polarity, Human Behaviour, Communication, Heart Healing, Energetics and Feminine Embodiment.


I work with Singles & Couples from all around the world – both in person and online.


My work can be experienced through transformational Healing Retreats, Workshops, Online Transmissions and in-person Couples Breakthroughs.


I am looking forward to seeing you thrive in Life, Self, Relationships & Love!

Some deeper insight into my journey as a Transformational Coach & Healer…

Did you know...

  • More than 50% of marriages end in divorce.
  • Most men & women repeat disempowering relationship patterns without knowing how to break free from them.
  • Men & Women who choose to bypass their healing often end up hurting themselves and their partner.
  • Most men & women struggle to communicate their needs and feelings with their partner.
  • Many couples separate because they don’t know how to solve their relating challenges.
  • Most men & women don’t know how to meet their partners core needs.
  • Relationships filled with trauma-bonds, co-dependency & ongoing disconnection slowly kills your own spirit which may take years to heal.
  • Many people are so scared of getting hurt that they purposely stay single to avoid experiencing pain.
  • Many men have been emasculated and lost their sense of freedom & identity in former relationships that now shows up as fear of commitment.
  • Many women have been so hurt that they have become more ‘masculine’ in order to stay ‘safe’ and ‘in control’. This in turn has resulted in a closed heart, disconnection from their body and also moved their men into passivity or pushed them away completely.

How I can help...

Success Stories

Settling for ‘okay’ relationships is an option.
Choosing to THRIVE is only 1 decision away.

Client Snapshots

In the process you choose to become a better man for the Feminine, and a better woman for the Masculine.


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