BORN FOR MORE? When you know, you know.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation – You were born to Stand Out.
You were Born to Make a Difference.

Individuals – What would it mean to you to un-stuck yourself from your current roadblocks and live a Life of total freedom & happiness? To expand into the best version of you & start thriving in Life, Purpose, Business & Confidence? To free yourself from sabotage & repetitive patterns, and create long-lasting transformation that sticks?

Corporations – What would it mean to you to stand out from the rest in your industry? To have higher staff retention, productivity & performance? For your customer service to represent higher excellence above the rest? For you and your staff to be happy, healthy & loving every moment of working for your & your company?

To be different is to do things differently.

Most individuals & corporations focus solely on external results. The problem with this is the lack of fundamental inner operating systems & consistency in results. Long-lasting Success stems from inner wellbeing (both thy Self & thy Company). Long-lasting Success is built from the inside out within the mind, body, spirit, energy & even staff wellbeing. Once inner alignment is achieved within an individual or corporation, results become solid, rapid & consistent.

You are only 1 tweak away from a totally different outcome…
You are only 1 adjustment away from standing out & making a bigger difference!

It’s time to bridge the gap where you are & where you want to be.

Hi, I’m Linda!

I’m an Entrepreneur, Visionary, Success Coach and Online Soul-Biz Strategist. I work with individuals & corporations helping them make a difference, say Yes to more & stand out from the rest!

For many years I have successfully helped thousands of people un-stuck themselves so they could start thriving in Life, Self, Purpose & Confidence.

But… Once upon a time in the distant past I journeyed through Self-loathing, depression, mental health disturbances, drug-addictions, severe financial hardship, domestic violence & homelessness. It was at rock bottom that learnt the most powerful lessons of my life and began the journey of turning my Pain into Power & Turmoil into Triumph.

Now, I have successfully built several soul-led businesses from scratch, worked with hundreds of individuals in gaining long term success, worked with several large corporations delivering wellness & success mindset workshops/programs, spoken on various stages all around Australia + more.

As a result of my own Life-transformation I became obsessed with psychology & human behaviour, and I now hold various modalities in my Success Coaching Toolbox.

  • Thousands of people positively impacted within wellness, mindset, business & personal growth.
  • Trainer & Workshop Facilitator (retreats, events, workshops, programs, courses, seminars).
  • Professional Public Speaking Australia wide for audiences up to 600.
  • Serving large corporations such as QLD Police, ARUP, AFL QLD in delivering wellness / stress-management / mental-health / success mindset & peak-performance workshops/programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge within the Corporate Industry & the Fitness Industry.
  • Entrepreneurship – Building various ventures from 0 to 6 figures+
  • Online Business Growth Mentor + Social Media expansion & monetisation
  • Yoga Teacher – 8 years (also serving corporate sector)
  • Group Fitness Instructor – 15 years
  • Personal Trainer – 7 years
  • Former World-level Professional Athlete (10m Platform Diving)
  • Extensive knowledge within Mindset, Psychology, Human Behaviour, Peak-Performance, Energy, Emotional Alchemy, Mental-Health, Addictions, Stress-Management, Nervous System Regulation, Meditation, Self-healing + more.

Did you know...

  • 3 out of 4 people sabotage their Life, Business, Relationships & Success – Is this you?
  • 1 in 4 people suffer from depression and/or mental health disturbances – is this you?
  • Most people suffer in silence and are afraid to ask for help – is this you?
  • Most people desire change yet are unaware how to create long-lasting transformation – is this you?
  • Several people operate from underlying burnout > compromised health & energy – is this you?
  • Most people repeat disempowering & contractive self-programs/patterns that negatively affect their relationships, productivity, business growth & more – is this you?
  • Most people are unaware how to THRIVE in Life, Self, Business, Purpose, Energy, Health & Relationships – is this you?

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You didn’t come here to be like everyone else.
You came here to make a difference & stand out from the rest.

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