Hi, I’m Linda.

I’m so glad you’re here. I believe there are no accidents in life, and the right people and information will always cross our path at the right time.  My mission is to help you awaken your awareness to your SELF so that you can become the grandest version of you in all areas of life.  Become Educated, Empowered & Enlightened, and start living a life of meaning, purpose and authentic happiness.

Coaching & Mentoring

Success Coaching

Linda is a passionate coach who is dedicated to her soul work, clients and community.  Her powerful techniques and transformation tools are guaranteed to guide you into your breakthrough within Life, Self, Business and Relationships.  Experience Linda as a coach/mentor and create significant positive change in your life.



Linda is a heartfelt speaker who takes her audience on an enlightening journey through Life & Self.  She helps you awaken your awareness and connect to your heart space so that you can start using your own internal compass as a guide.  Linda’s story has touched and inspired the lives of thousands of people all around the world.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Holistic Wellness

Linda is an experienced Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness teacher.  She brings self-education and a deep sense of spirituality into her work.  Linda has a holistic approach to wellness and her teachings cover the Mind-Body-Soul model of health. She also has extensive knowledge and experience in the Health & Fitness Profession.

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What Others Are Saying

Renee McIntyre

Renee McIntyre

Linda is not only a beautiful soul who cares deeply for her clients, but she is also a gifted and powerful coach who has helped me in numerous areas of my life. Linda is incredibly intuitive and has a way of articulating the underlying cause of an issue in a way that helps you grow and learn. She has helped me to see things in new ways and also helped illuminate what I was unable to see myself. Linda has been crucial in my transformation journey, helping me awaken to a new and better way of life and being. When it comes to coaching, Linda is simply a leader in this field.

Karen Mudford

Karen Mudford

I have recently completed a 10 week coaching program with Linda and I am blown away with the clarity, mindfulness and awareness I am now experiencing daily. Linda has helped me bring my true authentic Self into my awareness. There are days, even weeks when I have tried sabotage and go back to the safety of who I was, but it is not possible with the level of awareness I have achieved with her mindset coaching. Linda is amazing at what she does and she holds a safe place for you, free from judgement. She is a genuine, kind and a loving person and I would highly recommend her programs.

Steven Budd

Steven Budd

It is hard to express how much Linda’s coaching and mentoring has helped me across all areas of my life. I have so much gratitude for the gifts of Self-awareness, confidence and clarity I now have gained throughout my coaching with her. The tools she has taught me will come in so much handy as I continue on my path of Self-development and taking positive direction in my life. Linda’s passion and dedication to her clients is second to none.

Ziva Zavadil

Ziva Zavadill

Linda’s yoga classes are genuinely spiritual and touching to the soul which makes her practices deeply satisfying beyond any words of description.  My whole Self feels facilitated; my body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Linda promotes a personal journey that challenges, nurtures and is different in each session.  My whole Self feels worked and loved during, and free and balanced after.  I am always looking forward to the next experience.

Join Linda’s Inner Circle

Self Love Collective

This is a safe, conscious and supportive space where you will learn how to connect to deeper parts of loving and honouring of yourself. Learn to heal your Self-relationship and in the process begin to claim everything that you have always wanted.

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