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Re-gain Confidence in Life, Self, Relationships & Love.

Heal & Deepen Your Masculine & Feminine Dynamics & Polarity.

Thrive in Communication, Connection, Passion & Attraction.

Hello amazing soul,
I am so glad you have landed on this page.


May I bring awareness to the biggest ‘elephant in the room’…



If the way we relate with each other would be working – Wouldn’t more people be absolutely thriving in their relationships?


Instead, more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce, and nowadays there are more single folk and ‘relationship avoiders’ than ever before.


Now more than ever people are experiencing disconnect, conflict, loss of attraction, feeling unappreciated and not having their needs met.


Women feel like they are not being valued or heard, and feel like they have to ask ‘10 times’ yet men still don’t hear them…


Men feel like they are being constantly nagged, reminded, micro-managed or criticized.


Then in exchange our hearts begin to close, and we feel disconnected from the other person, and most often also from ourselves.


There is a reason and a solution for this.


And the reason/solution is not something that is taught at school, or even by most academically trained Relationship Counsellors or Therapists…

May I ask…


Are you ready to learn about relating and dating, what schools and most Relationship Counsellors don’t teach you?


Are you ready to learn what we all should have known before we even began dating and relating with each other?


You see, Men & Women are two different species.


We think differently.
We process information differently.
We have different primal needs.
And we respond to communication in different ways.


Furthermore, every relationship dynamic is different.


Hence why the “same shoe fits all” counselling/healing approach is not working…

Hi, I’m Linda!


I help singles & couples re-gain confidence in Life, Self, Relationships and Love.


I am deeply passionate about helping men & women heal, get along and thrive in communication, passion & attraction.


I hold gifts of wisdom within the space of Feminine & Masculine Dynamics, Polarity, Human Behaviour, Communication, Heart Healing, Energetics and Feminine Embodiment.


I work with Singles & Couples from all around the world – both in person and online. My work can be experienced through transformational Healing Retreats, Workshops, Online Transmissions and in-person Couples Breakthroughs.


I am looking forward to seeing you thrive in Life, Self, Relationships & Love!



Healing Feminine & Masculine Polarity & Dynamics is a deeply transformative 2-Day Healing Experience that will have 7 women & 7 men completely shift their relationship with how they relate with the opposite sex. This Retreat will take place over 2 days in a hidden rainforest sanctuary on the Gold Coast (accommodation excluded).


The Journey in more depth…


  • Learn the true ‘invisible’ differences between men & women beyond (what 90% of people don’t know), so that we know how to better show up for each other.
  • Understand how relationships and patterns are formed, and how to break free from our disempowering relating and dating cycles.
  • Learn the art of Feminine & Masculine Communication so that we can truly understand each other and communicate our needs in a way that allows for the other party to HEAR us.
  • Understand Masculine Leadership and his role in a healthy relationship as a devoted leader.
  • Explore vulnerability, intimacy and how to create safety for the Feminine.
  • Journey deep into the realms of polarity and learn how to re-create attraction in relating.

At this transformational 2-Day Experience…


We come together in UNITY.
We come together in HARMONY.


Become a better man for the feminine.




Become a better woman for the masculine.


This Retreat is open for both Singles & Couples and is strictly capped at 7 men & 7 women.




*This Event is 100% suitable for both Singles and Couples, and does not exceed or override boundaries of any kind. Singles will partner up with each other in some of the paired transmissions, which are kept at a level of personal comfort.


*This is a non-sexual event and furthermore will not exceed any person’s personal boundaries.




*Booking for couple? Please make a separate booking for each person as details will be collected throughout the booking process.


*If you wish to make a Bank Transfer instead – Please request bank details HERE.

*Both Payment Plans must be set up via auto pay above. No bank transfers will be accepted.

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