Dear Human...

Our world has taken a turn and the chaotic energies have taken a toll on many of us. I can feel how the collective uncertainty and fear has felt heavy in your being, and you may have felt completely hopeless and off centre.


I understand, I feel the collective too. We are all connected energetically, therefore we are also connected emotionally.


Lately, have you felt unexplained emotional waves taking over your body?
Sudden feelings of grief, sadness and even hopelessness?
Losing control of your emotions?
Feeling intense anger or rage, then running away from these feelings by distracting.
Waking up in the middle of the night with insomnia, and other times sleeping 11 hours straight?
Losing motivation & creativity, and witnessing a side of yourself that you thought you’d moved on from?
Losing your appetite completely, and other times having a prolonged urge to over-eat?
Everything feeling like ‘it’s too much’, and as result you are arguing more with your loved ones?


There are many intense energies at play.

Right now, our personal inner work and keeping our centre is more important than ever before.

Yet so many people don’t know how to stay ground and how to manage their inner world. They have never been taught how to navigate through their inner being and how to turn fear, anxiety & overwhelm into love, trust & certainty.


Maybe you have been taught and done some practices before, but simply forgotten. Perhaps you know exactly what to do, but not having accountability, support & community around you has resulted in not sticking with your rituals. Perhaps you have evolved into a new version of you and are in need of new rituals & practices for the next stage of your life.


Or maybe you have simply never been taught how to internally process what our world is currently experiencing.


Right now, our energies and traumas are amplified. And not only are we feeling our own inner being, we are also feeling the collective. And it is imperative to know what to do daily to stay in our centre, and also what to do when sudden emotional waves hit us unexpectedly.


Burying your head in an ice cream bucket, or even searching for treasures at the bottom of an empty wine bottle is always a choice… Yet it is never a solution. In order for us to create a new earth and a new way of being we must take responsibility for doing the work ourselves first.

“Doing the deep inner work & healing” is a lengthy & multi-dimensional journey, yet we must start somewhere.

We must master the basics to go even deeper. And the journey of healing is a journey of Self.


I created this 11-Day Healing Portal to support you to move through the heaviness of the world, especially caused by the events of 2020. I have supported healers, entrepreneurs and even people who are at the beginning of their healing journey, for several years now. And as I have been moving through my own process with the collective my spirit spoke to me loud and clear.


I have been guided to share my powerful sacred tools that I use in my life daily to move through my emotions and intense energetic waves. Ones that have also helped hundreds of other people stay in their centre, and still expand and heal through murky times of our evolution.


I understand that committing to months-worth of programs and courses may require a lot of willpower, especially if starting out with an unstable inner being. Therefore, I have designed this program to support you perfectly in the space of 11 days, whereafter you will continue on your own journey with the powerful tools that you have learnt.

This 11-Day program is a sacred space for you to heal, let go, surrender and find your inner centre.

It is a space that will help you understand your emotions and how to Transmute, Transcend, Transform with humble discernment & wisdom.


You will learn powerful tools and processes to help you turn fear, anxiety and overwhelm into love, trust & certainty. No matter where you are in your personal journey this is a space for you to remember unconditional love and inner peace.


Take the journey with us and be held by a loving community of other individuals who are on the same ‘feeling journey’ as you. Together, we will walk through a transformational 11 days to find our centre, self-love and inner peace.


Some insight into this Healing Portal:

  • DAY 1 – Opening Ceremony
  • DAY 2 – Sacred Ritual #1
  • DAY 3 – Returning to Nature
  • DAY 4 – A Journey Through Emotions
  • Day 5 – Facing The Shadow
  • DAY 6 – Purge & Burn
  • DAY 7 – Rest & Receive
  • DAY 8 – Vibrational Ascension
  • DAY 9 – Sacred Ritual #2
  • DAY 10 – Creating The New Earth From Within
  • DAY 11 – Closing Ceremony & Integration

This journey has been created with the intention of ONENESS & ABUNDANCE.

And not one person should enter this portal with a limiting story.


Hence why the investment to join this 11-Day Healing journey will not be hundreds of dollars…
Nor will it be even close to a hundred dollars…
Nor will it even be fifty dollars…


This portal is open for you to access for $44 USD, and you will also have these tools for life.


I will be sharing processes with you that I have shared in some of my previous programs with an investment beyond thousands of dollars.


As you accept this gift of love, all I ask is for you to play full out for the 11 days.


My wish for you is to fully receive this experience, and completely shift your inner state of being and reality.


Please know…


Together we feel.
Together we heal.
Together we transcend.


Looking forward to guiding you back into your natural state of Love, Trust, Clarity & Certainty,
– No matter what the collective world will continue to throw at us.


Life isn’t about what happens, but how we respond.
Yet when we begin to shift how we respond & show up,
What we embody internally will reflect what continues to happen.


When you heal yourself, you heal the collective.

The 11-Day Healing Portal is Open Now

Register now to secure your place.
See you on the inside <3


With Love & Healing,
Linda x