For the awakened, ambitious & mission driven woman who knows she is here to make a real impact.


The woman who knows…SHE WAS BORN FOR MORE!



It’s a feeling deep inside that you can’t hide from… It’s a deep knowing in your soul… It’s a calling.


It may not even make any sense what the next level looks like… YOU JUST KNOW THERE’S MORE.



You may have already stepped into the arena and started serving people.


But you also know you’ve been playing small.


Deep inside you may have been pondering –


“Who am I to do big work in the world?”
“Who would listen to anything I have to say?”
“I’m still working on myself, so I’m not feeling quite ready yet…”






It’s going to feel terrifying at times. It’s going to feel frustrating at times. And it’s going to require COURAGE.


Courage to keep going. Courage to keep navigating fear and upper limits. Courage to step into the arena and be seen on a bigger scale.


Especially right now with the amplified energies, chaos & confrontation in our collective world!



Our biggest fear is not death – but judgement from others. Fear of looking silly. Fear of failure, and fear of not being accepted.


These ‘programs’ run deep in our unconscious mind. The very ‘programs’ that have us dance with procrastination and inaction.



On the Light-worker journey these fears must be dissolved. And having the right action plan, accountability and community around you is vital. The correct environment to help amplify your light. The right support network to keep cheering you on. The right plan to keep you moving on your aligned path.


Because there will be doubters, nay-sayers and even ‘haters’. People who are fearful of change themselves, therefore they try (consciously or unconsciously) stop their environment from changing – including YOU!


Truth is… Most people don’t have what it takes to step into the arena. Most people don’t have what it takes to be seen at this level. The level of which creates GRAND IMPACT and long-lasting change. The type of change that shifts the consciousness and vibration of this planet. The type of light that holds the fort in the times that we currently journey through.

You are different.

You are different because of the feeling inside of you. And because of this deep knowing, you have what it takes. You have what it takes to make real impact. You have what it takes to create significant change on this planet – regardless of the “how” and “what” you are here to do.


Gorgeous woman, you are never going to have it all figured out. YOU ARE WORTHY & GOOD ENOUGH NOW.


There is always going to be “more work” and “more healing” to do. Don’t fall into the trap thinking that you cannot help people and serve your soul mission because you have lived through your own challenges and possibly not fully figured it all out yet.


Your pain and your darkness are the catalyst for your work.
This is what has helped you ignite your light.



Your Pain is Your Power. Your Mess is Your Message.


Your own journey is a vital part of it all. You are good enough, smart enough, healed enough.




Despite the inner doubt and questioning… Despite the feeling of not being ready…


There is a deeper part of you that IS ready! That’s your SOUL. It’s your inner calling.


So, enough watching others make an impact.
Enough watching others create thriving soul-led lives and businesses.
Enough watching others have it all, including fulfilling relationships and enriching experiences.


You get to have it all too.


But you must make a choice. A choice to commit to your soul and your mission. A choice to do the work you came here to do and start serving. A choice to start making things happen. And a choice to go to the next level of your life!


It’s time to step into the arena! It’s time for your voice to be heard! It’s time for your magic to be received!

What is the Born For More Academy?

BFM Academy is a life-changing 8-week journey for women where you Bring your Soul-Magic to Life.


A sacred growth space where you activate & embody your Truth, Voice, Purpose and Courage.


A potent expansion container where you turn your Pain into Power and your Mess into your Message.


A high-level accountability space where you Amplify your Light and Unleash your Magic into the world.


A transformational journey where you Expand your Vision and Embody your Mission.


A sacred sisterhood where you cultivate more Freedom, Abundance and Self-expression.


A quantum ride where you learn how to Create & Amplify your Soul-led Life & Business from the inside out!


We are delving deep into the energetics of your soul, your ‘human’ and your mission.


We dig out the dormant juiciness and activate your light into an infinite flame that just keeps burning, and a vision & mission that magnetically keeps pulling you forward.


We dive into the chasms of the Divine Feminine and learn to consciously create and receive from flow.


We discover the right strategy for you – your own SOUL-STRATEGY to service & success!


The BFM Academy consists of 8x weekly modules where you get learn, grow and implement every piece of wisdom while you expand into the next level you, your life & your soul-led business:

  • MODULE 1 – Saying YES to Soul
  • MODULE 2 – Activating next level Purpose, Vision & Mission
  • MODULE 3 – Your Unique Soul-Frequency
  • MODULE 4 – Your Soul-led Brand
  • MODULE 5 – Calling in your Soul-tribe
  • MODULE 6 – Becoming Magnetic
  • MODULE 7 – Crafting your Soul-led Offer
  • MODULE 8 – Stepping into The Arena

VIP BONUS MODULE – Cultivating unwavering Courage & Confidence


This academy is filled with high level accountability and is designed to have you gain maximum results in a short amount of time.


*Get ready to launch your soul-led business and/or amplify your existing mission!


*Get ready to cultivate unwavering courage, confidence and fully embody your truth and purpose!


*Get ready to launch your life-changing offer based on a product/service that is making a difference in this world (even if you don’t yet know what it is).


Together we take Live Aligned Action and make things happen, now!




People are waiting for your magic. The world needs you on your mission. Let’s do this!


(Via application only)

  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Upfront Payment Discounts
  • VIP enrolment options to work with Linda 1:1 + more!


Inquire & apply directly on a 15min live phone consult with Linda. Book your call HERE


About your facilitator, Linda

“Just like you, I always knew I was born for more too. It was a feeling I couldn’t hide from. And since the moment I began to honour that inner calling my path of soul-service began to unfold and my life catapulted”


I’m now an Entrepreneur, Visionary, Transformational Coach and Online Soul-Biz Strategist and SO passionate about helping women who know they were born for more, BE MORE! I’ve helped hundreds of people turn their pain into power and expand into the fullest expression of life & Self.


In my years as a Soul-prepreneur I’ve built 3 businesses (soon 4) beyond 6-figures a year, and I now show others how to start & scale their own soul-led business into success. I believe a successful business means so much more than the money that is generated. Once you align on the inside, the money is simply a by-product of your soul-service!


Life is too short to be and do anything less than what lights you up from the inside out. And I’m so glad you are here! Whether you’re new to the world of Soul-preneurship or you already have a successful business and you desire to go next level FROM SOUL – You’re in the right place!”


Inquire & apply directly on a 15min live phone consult with Linda. Book your call HERE


I’m excited to see your soul
I’m looking forward to feeling your inner calling
I’m yearning to look deep into your being & understand what makes your heart sing

Linda x