Introduction - What is Soulful Writer

Have you ever felt blocked with your writing? Like you are waiting for flow and inspiration to come but you can’t seem to figure it out. You’re just feeling blocked. And now you understand what the expression ‘Writers Block’ means.


You’ve tried various things to help with your writing. You’ve read books and you’ve stalked other people’s blog articles – always ending up frustrated with a repetitive thought “I wish I could write like that!”


You may even have looked into some copywriting courses. You got excited about learning new strategies for your writing. You may already have invested thousands of dollars into learning how to write like a pro so that you are attracting your soulmate reader, audience and avatar. But even with the strategies you learned, you are still feeling blocked.


“Find a content piece you like, then change it by 10%”


Is what many copy writing courses teach you. They literally encourage you to find another person’s art and soul work, then change it by 10% to keep yourself legal, then throw it on the internet or in a book – claiming it’s your masterpiece.


If this was the solution to ‘writers block’ then wouldn’t more people be flowing with their writing by now? This isn’t a strategy for flow. It is a strategy that keeps you blocked and also keeps you out of integrity. Always having to find and steal other people’s work to try and be seen, heard and noticed.


Soulful Writer is a 21-Day program to unleash your creative writing from soul. It will teach you how to connect within yourself and how to flow with YOUR OWN content and messaging.


Take the journey to become a fully expressed writer from soul and never run out of content, and never have to look for someone else’s work to copy. This program is designed to guide you deep within yourself to connect with your own story, message, flow and stream of consciousness.

Meet The Facilitator, Linda Liv Doktar

Linda is a Coach, Speaker and Author who helps people all over the world re-connect to Life and Self. She has impacted thousands of people with her work, content, message and writing.


Once upon a time Linda was so disconnected from herself that she had lost all zest and direction in life. She felt numb and questioned her existence on this planet. She felt lost and depressed, and her journey resulted into severe addictions in order to escape her reality.


This journey then led her onto a path of awakening and re-connection, and since then has developed herself, her clients and her writing into a state of infinite flow.

Linda says:
“I know how frustrating it can feel to have a desire to impact millions of people, yet not having found the ability to share your message in a powerful way. I was once at the start of my journey too, not knowing what to write about each day. In order for us to be seen, heard and noticed we must find a way to unleash our message out into the world consistently. That is how we create impact and begin to speak to our soulmate audience, reader, client and avatar”


The people who have immersed themselves into Linda’s writing also know that she is an amazing writer! Her content takes her readers on a journey hanging in for more. She has the ability to capture people’s hearts and speak directly to their souls.


Linda says:
“I often get asked how many copywriting courses and trainings I have done to develop my writing to this level. I take these questions as a compliments as I have never paid a single cent to develop my writing. But what I have done is deeply connect with myself and my life, and as a result connected to flow and my infinite stream of consciousness. And now, it is an honour to help other writers develop their writing too, without spending thousands of dollars on strategies that don’t work”


Linda is a contributing author for a few magazines, as well as the author of her book ‘In The Name Of Love’. She publishes new content daily and is a now deeply grateful to have the ability to guide other people into mastering their writing.

Why The Soulful Writer program?

  • Eliminate ‘writers block’ by taking this guided journey from the head to the heart.
  • Leave the old Self behind and create a brand new empowering writers identity.
  • Connect to deeper parts of yourself and learn to write from your own soul.
  • Own your story and step into your fullest expression as a soul and as a writer.
  • Learn to express yourself and tell your own stories that will impact the masses.
  • Take the journey from the head to the heart and connect to your infinite stream of consciousness.
  • Learn the art of vulnerability and authenticity to further deepen your writing.
  • Learn how to speak to your soul-mate client and avatar and magnetically call in your soul-tribe.
  • Learn how to create more flow within your body and being, and how to keep channeling this into your writing.
  • Activate the power from within and step into your next level writer who creates content from flow daily.
  • Expand and develop your writing in a fun and organic way without getting caught up in strategies that give you headaches.

What some previous clients have said about the Soulful Writer program

“Soulful Writer shifted my internal word to the outside world! It gave me the guidance and support to truly just be, and to share channeling and ‘downloads’ I have within my soul each day. I got clear on writing from a space of soul rather than validation, and I also learnt how to fuel my physical vessel, in which my souls message flows through. The amount of people I had reach out because of the shift they seen in my posting and thank me for the power in my messages was so empowering to see! I loved this journey and course!”
– Brittney Luscombe

“I am so grateful to have been part of Linda’s 21-day Soulful Writer program. Before this journey I would stare at the screen wondering what to write about. What I loved most was releasing old stories and limiting beliefs that were holding me back and blocking my flow. I now have the tools to surrender and to allow my writing to flow through me, and to connect my message with those that are waiting to hear it. Thank you Linda!!”
– Steve Anthony

“Before this program I was struggling with expressing myself. I doubted myself and my writing, and I would always compare myself to others. I never felt like my writing was good enough.
After completing Soulful Writer program I am feeling freer within myself and more connected to my intuition. I have since then made major changes in my life and now also have more peace, clarity and direction. I loved the program and will do it again for sure! Best 21 days!

– Cecile Ana Burton

Generic Access:


  • 21 training videos to help you become a soulful writer who creates content from flow
  • 21 work sheets & daily action prompts to help you develop your writing
  • Lifetime access to the Soulful Writer program
  • Guided meditations & Activations

VIP Access:


  • 21 training videos to help you become a soulful writer who creates content from flow
  • 21 work sheets & daily action prompts to help you develop your writing
  • Lifetime access to the Soulful Writer program
  • Guided meditations & Activations



  • Deepen your experience with an additional 1x 60min soul alignment call with Linda:
    Connect to your soul truth and path, and gain full clarity on your next steps as a writer and messenger.

Looking forward to connecting with you and serving you at my highest.

Yours in love,
Linda x